Introducing bgaas: slice and dice arms control lists for fun and profit

BombExport regulations for arms control are very complicated. It turns out there are a few interesting government published, machine readable data sources that name all kinds of bad guys: people who have been convicted of violating the Arms Export Control Act, terrorists, shell companies affiliated with nuclear weapons proliferation, etc.

With these data in mind, I started a small open source project tonight: bgaas, or Bad Guys As A Service.

It’s a small software package for querying and doing a few other useful things with arms control lists from the US government and, eventually, other sources. It is partially inspired by csvkit, a set of command line tools for dealing with CSV files.

bgaas still pretty rough—in fact, it doesn’t work yet—but it should be a fun open data project.

As noted in the readme, the pronunciation of bgaas is user selectable.

If you’re interested, drop me a note or pitch in on GitHub.

Author: Ansel Halliburton

Ansel Halliburton is a lawyer specializing in entrepreneurship and intellectual property litigation.

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